Benefits of Marijuana for People Who have Arthritis


Arthritis is a musculoskeletal problem which is associated with painful joints that become swollen and stiff which lessens the flexibility of your movement. There are a hundred types of arthritis, and each one has a different cause. There are three common types of arthritis namely rheumatoid arthritis, gouty arthritis, and osteoarthritis. Arthritis can be hereditary, and in many cases, it is caused by old age due to degeneration of joints as one becomes older.

Recent research has verified that medical marijuana (MMJ) is an active treatment for arthritis pain and inflammation related to arthritis. There is also juvenile arthritis although medical marijuana is not recommended for small children it can be used to treat arthritis in older teens and adults. The study has also shown that the use of THC and cannabismd has notable improvements in quality of sleep, pain as well as reducing effects of rheumatoid arthritis. THC has shown the ability to relieve neuropathic pain. The use of Cannabidiol in animals has been demonstrated that these two compounds suppress the progression of osteoarthritis. There are states where the use of MMJ is yet to be legalized. The countries that authorize the use of MMJ regulate the use by the use of card known as medical marijuana card. The use of the card is only restricted to patients who have prescriptions and permission from their doctors to use MMJ to ease symptoms and inflammations related to arthritis.

Although some patients claim that smoking marijuana gives them more relive than using pain relievers which even has adverse effects on their health when used for a long time, medical marijuana should never be smoked it should be used in baking or with a vaporizer for it to offer the expected therapeutic benefits to ease arthritis symptoms. Before opting for the use of MMJ to relieve symptoms of arthritis you should seek the advice of your doctor. Your doctor is the best person to decide whether using MMJ as an alternative to your daily medicines is the best option or not.

In fact there are states who have legalized growing of marijuana strictly for health reasons. Unfortunately, excessive growing and use of cannabis are illegal, and if you are found with such offense, you will be prosecuted. The debate over whether cannabisMD can be legalized in states which are yet to authorize the growth and use of MMJ is still on. In some countries, only patients suffering from severe and incapacitating illnesses and patients with long-lasting conditions are granted access to medical marijuana.


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